Assisting in Worship


People, young or old, who help the clergy around the altar. They light the candles, carry the cross, hold the Gospel book while it's being read, and help get the altar ready for Communion. If you'd like to join the acolyte team, just talk to Chris Deering. You can also read more about acolytes by clicking here... 


Altar Guild

The altar guild is a team of people who make sure everything at the altar is ready for each of the Sunday services. They polish the brass and silver, clean and iron the linens, and set out the appropriate amount of bread and wine. If you'd like to join the altar guild, just talk to Deidre Shonk. You can also read more about altar guilds by clicking here...



Our flowers are provided by offerings. A sign-up sheet is located near the church office, where you can sign up to cover the cost of flowers for a particular Sunday and add whether they are offered in honor or memory of someone you would like to remember. 



If you have a passion for welcoming people and would like to be a greeter, please contact Peggy Doyle.



The snacks we enjoy after service at Coffee Hour are provided by volunteers. A sign-up sheet is located near the church office, where you can sign up to bring treats, or contact Camille Grabowski.


Lay Eucharistic Ministers & Lay Eucharistic Visitors

LEMs and LEVs perform a similar function: they help us distribute Communion to those who want to receive it. As the titles imply, you do not have to be clergy to share the gifts of God with people.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers are those who assist in the service on Sunday morning, while Visitors are those who take "communion kits" to those who are homebound or in a medical facility. If you are unable to join us on Sunday mornings but would still like to receive communion, please contact the church office and we will arrange it. If you would like to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister/Visitor, please contact Jack Buffington.



These are the people read from the lectionary, the three-year cycle of scripture readings that we use in all of our service. Lectors read lessons for us from the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the New Testament. Lectors also lead us in reading the Prayers of the People. If you have a clear reading voice, a love of interesting historical names, and a desire to read publicly, please contact Pastor Anny.


We love our choir! These wonderful people arrive extra early on Sundays and lead us all in singing. As another beloved Augustine once said, "the one who sings, prays twice!" Whether you're a soaring soprano, an angelic alto, a terrific tenor, or a boisterous baritone, if you've got an urge to sing then you should talk to Amy Quinney about joining the choir!



Perhaps you've noticed our collection of sermon videos, or that 99% of our service is projected onto the screens. This only happens through the help of our technology team. If you like designing powerpoints, or if you'd like to advance slides, you can get involved by contacting Rick Lovin.