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Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction 

Spiritual Direction is a sacred relationship in which a seeker grows spiritually as a trained Spiritual Director listens with them for God's activity in their life. Spiritual Direction encourages you to explore a relationship with the Mystery of God. Through sacred listening you can 

see more fully God’s presence and grace in your life.  

This sacred non-controlling friendship is a peaceful listening space created between you, your Director, and God. Through prayer your life begins to transform in wonderful and surprising ways because God is constantly, actively, and powerfully working in your everyday life.

In Spiritual Direction we discover what God is already doing in your life.  

"In Spiritual Direction we discover what God is already doing in your life."  

Episcopal Northern California Diocesan 

Partners in Ministries of Health

Promoting Hope, Healing & Health to

Our Congregations & Communities We Serve

Susan Wahlstrom, Coordinator      email:

Episcopal Spiritual Directors:


The Rev. Margaret Grayden email:

El Dorado Hills

Susan Wahlstrom, RN phone: (209) 304-8321 email:


The Rev. Dr. Libby Vincent email:

Kate Muris email:

Grass Valley

Summer Green     email:


Sheryl Trainor, O.T. phone: (530) 306-8487 email:


The Rev. Anny Genato phone: 916-500-9299 email:


The Rev. Virginia McNeely phone: (916) 455-0643  email:

Rhonda Canby phone: (916) 712-2250 email: 

Santa Rosa 

Paul Mallatt email: 

Daphne Vernon email:

*The resources are for your use but are not recommendations of the Diocese of No. CA

**To date these are Episcopal trained Spiritual Directors in our Diocese. 

    They have all completed an accredited 2-4 year spiritual direction program.

Spiritual Director’s International

Mercy Center-Auburn Phone: (530) 887-2019

They have trained Spiritual Directors on site or via Zoom.

Bread of Life Center-Sacramento Phone (916) 648-1803

They have trained Spiritual Directors on site, and also offer group spiritual direction. 

In addition, Bread of Life offers training for Spiritual Directors. 

More Information about Spiritual Direction

Can Spiritual Directors Help?

The New York Times Article

Nondenominational “spiritual companions” offer to connect clients to the divine in their everyday life.

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